St Albans District transport – getting out of the jams

Presentation by Stephen Joseph ‘St Albans District transport – getting out of the jams’

Downloadable presentation and video link below.

Stephen Joseph’s excellent presentation last Spring on getting out of the jams in St Albans District is, I believe, just as pertinent today, if not more so!

He presented some immediate ways forward that can start to reduce traffic across the district, based on projects elsewhere in Hertfordshire and other counties. He talked about links with planning policies, through his involvement with the Transport for New Homes project.

It was, excuse the pun, ‘jam packed’ with solutions, some of which we can make ourselves.

To summarise what Stephen said: …. there are a number of initiatives that could be taken fairly quickly to tackle traffic in St Albans District. It should be noted that much of this fits with Government policy, which is emphasising active travel and support for buses, as a result of which councils are expected to get some new powers. However, over the medium term, St Albans needs an overall plan to tackle traffic issues. This should be led by the council, but using techniques that involve residents and community groups across the City and District.

It was his wish that his presentation would be shareable from our website. The presentation is downloadable by clicking the link below and the actual presentation and Q and A session is available to watch on YouTube here

Due to personal reasons, I have not been able to share these on our website before now.  For that I give my sincere apologies to Stephen and to all interested in this profoundly thought-provoking and informative talk.

The presentation can be accessed from HERE.

My take away from the presentation was ‘Transport in St Albans can be better and greener – we all have a part to play.’

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