Please join in for your annual update on the work of Look! St Albans

We had looked forward to welcoming you to St Peter’s Church in the spring for our annual get together, but sadly that wasn’t to be. So now we look forward to seeing you via Zoom. Not the same as seeing you in person, but this is YOUR Look! St Albans and the Team look forward to welcoming you virtually.

We have scheduled the meeting to last an hour, however the business part normally takes about 30 minutes. Therefore it should leave us time for a chat over a virtual glass of wine!

Here is the AGENDA

Members of the Reps Group can be found HERE

Please join in Look! St Albans is solely YOUR Community Voice on Design.  To reserve your place please book via

We look forward to welcoming you.

In view of the exceptional circumstances this year the officers of the Representatives Group have put forward a slight amendment to our Constitution to regularise the situation and future proof our Constitution

The amendments are as follows:

Look! Constitution – meetings via an electronic facility

In an effort to keep changes to a minimum in the section about Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Other Special Meetings, we suggest the following”:-


1. Subclause 8.(a) to become 8.(a)(i).

2. A new sub sub clause 8.(a) (ii) to be added:-

8.(a)(ii) Attendance at and participation in an AGM or other Special Meeting shall be by:-

(aa) attendance at a physical meeting place; and/or

(bb) using one or more electronic facilities as may be approved by the Representatives’ Group from time to time that enables those entitled to attend and vote at an AGM or other Special Meeting to attend and participate simultaneously in a meeting of Look! St Albans without attending a physical meeting place.

3. Subclause 8.(b) to become 8.(b)(i).

4. A new sub sub clause 8.(b)(ii) to be added:-

8.(b)(ii) Any person entitled to attend and vote at an AGM or other Special Meeting and who attends and participates in a meeting by using an electronic facility of the type referred to in 8.(a)(ii)(bb) above and specified in the notice of that meeting shall be counted in the quorum for that meeting.

The numbering and lettering of the remaining clauses in Clause 8 would remain as they are. To see our current Constitution especially 8. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) AND OTHER SPECIAL MEETINGS please see here

Should you have any queries about the changes please email for the attention of the Secretary.

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