Latest News from LOOK! St Albans

CCOS North Stakeholders Redevelopment Advisory Group

Last week Look! St Albans was invited to join the Council’s ‘CCOS North Stakeholders Redevelopment Advisory Group’ the online meeting took place on Tuesday 15th December. We declined for the reasons set out below. Please let your local councillors know if you think a ‘Stakeholders Redevelopment Advisory Group’ is the right approach for such an […]

Ready for the Next Generation?

Our Council has called on 3 architects to come up with new designs for the rejected planning application for the City Centre Opportunity Site (CCOS) South and we expect these to be put to a community vote early next month. LOOK! St Albans would encourage everybody to go along and make sure your views are […]

Civic Centre Opportunity Site

It was with deep regret that Look! St Albans’ officers felt they had no choice but to make such a public clarification of matters surrounding the public Masterplanning Charrette held in September 2016. We firmly believe in collaboration not confrontation. For several months our supporters and indeed other members of Team LOOK! have been contacting […]