LOOK! St Albans used as an exemplar

On the 20th July 2021 Look! St Albans was invited to the virtual launch of the new Office for Place.  On the same day the New National Planning Policy Framework was launched together with the accompanying New National Model Design Code.

Nicholas Boys Smith Chair of The Advisory Board used Look! St Albans as one of six examples of how the community, landowners and developers with their teams can work successfully to produce developments of which we can all be proud.

His presentation can be seen 23 minutes into the video within this link.

Within the revised National Planning Policy Framework there is much of which we together with others have been asking for since we worked with the Prince’s Foundation For Building Community in 2012. Although there is still someway to go.

The National Model Design Code provides detailed guidance on the production of design codes, guides and policies to promote successful design. However local authorities can choose to have design policies.

However design policies Team Look! feels can be open to ambiguity. St Albans has a head start with a starter suite of Design Codes already produced with the Community in 2012. Look! St Albans remains custodian of these design codes, as they were produced by public money, until St Albans City and District Council can make use of them.

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