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It was with deep regret that Look! St Albans’ officers felt they had no choice but to make such a public clarification of matters surrounding the public Masterplanning Charrette held in September 2016. We firmly believe in collaboration not confrontation.

For several months our supporters and indeed other members of Team LOOK! have been contacting us with their deep concerns about misinformation that was in circulation.  
We have been asking for a meeting with St Albans District Council since September and unfortunately to date we have not been able to secure this. We sincerely hope our desire for a meeting will be accommodated soon.

As Mel Hilbrown states “LOOK! St Albans as a body will express no views on any design; we support only what an actively engaged community designs for itself, and promote this charrette process. We continue to believe that this is the best way of delivering both acceptable and viable development that works for both communities and developers.”

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